Your holidays in Tel-Aviv : summer in the city !

Tel Aviv is the ultimate holidays destination. Beaches, hot temperatures, sun, parties, local food, cool mood…what else?

No matter how much we go there, we never get tired from Tel Aviv!

Tel Aviv is a city that is perpetually reinventing itself. One has got obviously his favorite spots but one goes back there to discover new places, to use his new Hebrew words (and avoid for once and all to get fooled by the taxi driver, among others), and to relax…

Let’s go firstly to the beach – that has freshen up lately – where everyone has his own habits: sitting on a deckchair and eating watermelon at the Lalaland, sipping limonana (lemonade with mint) waterfront, enjoying an iced coffee at Banana Beach or simply chilling on the sand, like a local, at Hof Yerushalaim to daydream when the sun dives in the sea…this is happiness!

If most of the touristic business happens on the seaside, don’t underestimate the potential of the city where you can wander endlessly. Start to walk around the back alleys of the Kerem Hateimanim. Delicious and cheap restaurants, cute coffee shops with a middle-eastern vibe, spices stands and new trendy bars blend into the background. Keep on going and get amazed in front of small fashion, jewelry and design boutiques, in Neve Tzedek. The dream does not stop here: Yafo is a treasure gem for hidden corners and secret back alleys in the Shuk Hapishpishim (flea market) and in the old city that will lead you to the port.

At sunset, just sit at one of the terraces facing the fishing boats, you’ll feel in another age!

It’s tapas and aperitif time! It means cold beer, hummus and other small plates to share at one of the various bars/restaurants that inhabit Lev Ha’ir and Merkaz Ha’ir neighborhoods.

Ceviche, carpaccio, sweet potato in the oven, minute steak, buns, and beet tahini: Israeli head chefs restyle culinary international classics or bring up to date basic local cooking. It makes your mouth water, right?

You’re now ready to let the night carry you and everyone finds a suitable match. From the muted intimate cocktail bar to the dance bar or from the mainstream to the underground clubs, it is likely that you come back at daybreak, and what’s better than a breakfast at the beach to regain your composure?

Tel Aviv is a city that makes one happy. Little things make you smile. A passerby indicates the right way and you want to hug him. Business owners call you ‘motek’ (sweet) and talk with you as if they were your family. The weather is good and despite August’s heat, there’s always on the seaside a fresh breeze that starts at sunset. This is the best time to ride your bike or to exercise!

Summer in Tel Aviv, it’s a turmoil of colors, scents, textures and emotions. Summer in Tel Aviv, it’s a feeling of well-being.

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