The best picnics in Tel-Aviv

Tel-Aviv is the playground of the urban explorer looking for new adventures. What’s better than a brunch, lunch, snack or dinner under the sky to enjoy every minute of the vibrant atmosphere? Tel Aviv is a small city but it’s packed with great outside spots where it’s good to have a break. Here are our 10 favorite ones for a picnic in Tel Aviv.

Waterfront picnic

Giv’at Aliyah in Yafo is without a doubt the beach that changes the most your habits in Tel Aviv. There, no imposing towers or businesses that are putting the neighborhood’s ancient background in the shade.

When to go? After a getaway at the flea market of Yafo, when the temperatures go down (mainly during summer).

In your basket: pitas, hummus (bought at Abu Hassan for example) and cold drinks.

Picnic on Tel Aviv heights

The sound of the waves, the water sparkling, the end of the day’s breeze: this is the kind of atmosphere you can expect when picnicking at Gan Hahatsmaut (Independence park) overlooking the sea, and where the view is outstanding,

For a break outside of time, there’s also the Square Kedumim and the steps of Park Hapisgat in Yafo’s old city, enhanced by the warm lights of sunset.

Put in your basket fresh salads and fruits skewers.

Green picnic

Huge lawns, greenery, a lake, and bike lanes: the Hayarkon Park located in the north of Tel Aviv offers this scenery, perfect for a family trip. One could almost believe he’s in the countryside!

If you prefer to stay in the center of Tel Aviv, the Meir Park will also do the job. Reach it from Tchernikovsky entrance and flood one of the benches of the main alley, whose trees form a big clearing,

Don’t forget to bring your favorite sport equipment (Ping-Pong rackets, basket ball, etc.) to fully enjoy the place!

Picnic in an exotic peace haven

Looking for cooling off? Let’s meet in the gardens of the Suzanne Dellal dance center in Neve Tzedek. Go through the first courtyard, and follow the path leading you to the secondary garden, more intimate.

Put in your basket love and fresh water. It’s now time to daydream under a palm tree with your soul mate.

Picnic in a cultural oasis

At the crossroads of Ben Tsyion, Dizengof and Rothschild is located Habima Square that welcome a few cultural institutions. At first sight, it’s an immense empty space dominated by Menashe Kadishman’s sculpture and by the grass hill where lives a sycamore tree. This is a good place to stay for a snack. The deep garden highlighting various colored plants and the minimalistic water pond, where the architectural jewels are reflecting in, reveal themselves when you’re getting closer to the center of the square. Habima Square also holds hidden corners that you can discover from Dizengof’s side.

Put in your basket a guitar or a book: there’s a great chance that you’ll spend the day here!

Picnic in the street

Large avenues of Tel Aviv allow everybody to find their happiness. Pedestrians, bikers, cars: everyone has their own space. On a few arteries, the picnic enthusiasts can comfortably sit down on the grass of the pavement! It’s happening on Ben Tsyion!

Take with you a beach sheet and nothing more: there are many sandwiches kiosks in the surroundings!

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