Tel Aviv icons

If I tell you ‘Paris’, you’ll automatically visualize one of its iconic monuments. If I tell you New York, you will think about Times Square and the Statue Of Liberty. If I tell you ‘Tel Aviv’, you will imagine the beach and its festive mood. And even if the white city does not have its Eiffel Tower that attracts thousands of tourists every day, it’s impossible to ignore its icons, making Tel Aviv unique…

The Fire and Water Fountain

Colored landmark, the ‘Fire and Water Fountain’ is above all a great meeting point in the center of Tel Aviv. Set up on Dizengof square in 1986, it’s the outcome of 10 years of work by Yaacov Agam, pioneer of the kinetic art movement. The art piece of the Israeli artist is based on illusion and motion, helped by technology as well as the shifting of the observer. At 11 am, 1 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm, you can see it in action!


What would become Habima Square without the imposing but minimalistic art piece of Menashe Kadishman? We don’t even have the cheek to think about it! Known globally for its paintings representing colored sheep faces, he is also famous for his metal sculptures. Three 5-meter diameter circles made from corten, a kind of very strong steel with a rusty aspect, form ‘Elevation’.  

Jaffa Clock Tower

“Is it before or after the clock tower?” Actual meeting point in Yafo, the Clock Tower is also the symbol of shared life between the Arab and Jewish residents of the neighborhood who have contributed to build the tower at the end of the Ottoman Empire.  

David Ben-Gurion Statue

Is Israel first Prime Minister doing a headstand on the beach? It’s well and truly the statue that you come across with on the Frishman beach, exactly where Paul Goldman photographed him in 1957. Key character of the State of Israel founding, it was commonplace to see David Ben-Gurion exercising in front of his house or on the beach.

The Green Chair

Who does not have his picture taken on the Elevated Green Chair located on Rothschild Boulevard? This modern art piece is actually part of a structure created by Buky Schwartz, Israeli artist who has built various sculptures set up in cultural places in Israel (Yad Vashem, Weizmann Institute, Tel Aviv Museum…).

Tel Aviv Municipality

Built in 1950 by the architect Menachem Cohen on the huge Rabin Square, Tel Aviv Municipality is one of the most symbolic places of the city, welcoming cultural fairs and national celebrations. The building, a piece of Brutalism architecture, frequently lights up according to the events of the moment.

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