Tel Aviv: a kid-friendly city !

Tel Aviv loves kids! Indeed, it’s one of the cities in the world where parents go to art and music festivals with their baby, sip a cup of herbal tea at the neighborhood coffee with their 2-year old toddlers on their knees and even bring them to work when it’s the holidays!  

It’s totally normal and part of the culture! So if you’re around with your kids, you should not worry, there are lots of spots in Tel Aviv that will make the whole family happy!

It’s easy to take your kids to the restaurant

If you can find in some restaurants a kid menu (at the Landwer restaurants for example), you can be sure to find in any place something they will like. Most of the places offer small dishes or comfy food (sandwiches, schnitzels, omelets, pasta). In some places, you even won’t have to worry about them because they will be too busy participating to special activities. On Saturdays, at Café Puaa, the entire alley becomes a recreation area and kids are offered theatrical story hour.

There are parks all over the city

If you want to keep it simple with your kids, just head to one of the parks of the city. With small parks in every neighborhood, medium ones in the center of the city (Gan Meir, Masaryk Square, Habima Square garden), or big ones such as Yarkon Park, you have plenty of choices. Whether you want to spend the whole day out, doing all sorts of activities (hot air balloon, wall climbing, pedal boat, roller blades and bike), or you just want to enjoy a nice picnic, the city offers you all kind of options.

And kid-friendly museums

Between the Planetarium and Holon’s Children Museum, Tel-Aviv and its surroundings offer many options to those who want to take their kids to the museum. In Holon, check also the Israeli Cartoon Museum that presents Israeli cartoonists, and offers different workshops and educational programs. Entrance is free from children under 5.

If you’re looking for an alternative to parks and museums, you can find original activities and workshops for all the family!

Get in touch with Lol&Pop, a (kosher) candy company in Ramat Gan that also organizes workshop sessions for kids where they will take them to all the steps of candy-making confection. Discover also Mahuti, an interactive complex with kid-friendly activities focusing on inner peace, where you will be able to experience a calm moment, away from the city’s mess!

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