Some funny sports in TLV

Wall Climbing

Wall climbing is a sport that excites many people and it gets more and more popular. Bouldering is an urban and stylish new way to climb a wall.

The bouldering walls include obstacles, varied shades and a wide range of levels and movements. 

Wall climbing is good for your health as well: It requires a complex footwork, weight transfers and use of the upper body. Over time, climbing strengthens the body, improves muscle tone, burns calories and improves posture.

You can find many wall climbing places in Tel Aviv.


The Mediterranean sea is wide and big and except for jellyfish, Matkot and plenty of sunshine, it offers another nice option of sea surfing.

The Mediterranean Sea is suitable for surfing especially after winter storms, when there is no wind and the waves rise in an orderly way. 

This is called “Swell” all around the world. Since the coasts of Israel is on the margins of the Mediterranean sea and not in one of the oceans, the waves are small compared to the waves in the rest of world. 

The best wind in Israel to create waves is a southwestern or western wind. This wind, which comes from the sea towards the coast, is called “On-shore”.

A quick round online will bring up many places where you can take a surfing course or a lesson.

Hot Air Balloon

The hot-air balloon Of Tel Aviv located in Hayarkon Park in Ganei Yehoshua.

Tel Aviv’s balloon is registered as an aircraft in Israel and has flight safety certificates issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The maximum flight height is about 400 feet and the maximum number of passengers is about 30 people.

The flight time from the moment of departure, reaching the peak altitude and landing, is about 15 minutes.

Either way you choose there are many fun options of extreme sport in Tel Aviv.

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