Beaches in Tel Aviv: everything you need to know!

First spot to stop at when visiting Tel Aviv is definitely the beach. Along with the sun and the hot temperatures, the 14-km blue strip stretching from Hertzliya to Bat Yam will be one of the first things to put a smile on your face.

Just a step away from the vibrant atmosphere of the city, the coastline is the place where everybody gathers at anytime of the day. Surfers, joggers, yogis, families, skaters, teenagers, tourists, locals: whatever your style is, the transparent sea, golden sands and free beach activities have been attracting visitors to this side of the Mediterranean from all over the world.  

Spending a day at the beach without even realizing it is very simple. It starts with the first morning dip in the clear waters, followed by a cold coffee or a freshly squeezed orange juice at one of the beach restaurants. Then, you can either chill on a beach bed, read a book that you can borrow from the beach library, join a volleyball game, test your yoga skills or initiate yourself to the national beach sport, the matkots, in the designated area – just hit the ball as strong as you can! – Or sit on the big steps and get ready for the last hour of daytime, to admire the unique sunsets of the region.

Whether you’re more a foodie or a hippie, there is a beach for anyone, which boasts its own character. Up north, you can sit at the gay-friendly Hilton beach, located between the religious beach, with separate days for men and women, the dogs beach, where your pet can run freely, and the iconic beach of the seventies, Metzitzim, popularized by the cult Israeli movie of the same name, and mainly frequented by locals.

For the best meal on the beach, head to La La Land restaurant on Gordon’s beach, one of the tourists’ favorites, right next to the legendary Gordon pool and the marina. A bit southern, enjoy a watermelon shake and a salmon burger with sweet potatoes French fries at the trendy restaurant Calypso, with up-beat sounds in the background.

If you prefer local vibes, you will fall in love with Jerusalem beach, were young and old crowds gather in a happy brouhaha. They usually sit directly on the sand or don’t hesitate to bring their folding chairs, a whole picnic and their own music to create a cool mood that everybody can enjoy. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s worth a try. Looking for an alternative atmosphere? Every Friday, at the end of the afternoon, have fun and dance to the sounds of the drummers and performance artists gathering at Dolphinarium Beach! The beach does not have the best facilities but a moment there on the Friday is a must! Or you can simply enjoy Cassis Beach, a beautiful beach south Jaffa, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  

Just don’t forget to put sunscreen on and to drink lots of water!

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