5 places to taste the best donuts of Hanukah

In the western world, December rhymes with magical winter! And even if Xmas tree, animated window glasses, fairy lights and Xmas songs are not on the agenda in Israel, we also get to have a few pleasures: Hanukah… And its legendary donuts (sufganiyots)!

And in order to change from the traditional donut filled with strawberry jam, we are introducing you the most creative bakeries that prepare original and tasty sufganiyots!  


Classic bakery chain, Roladin shines mainly when Hanukah is getting closer: its donuts are probably the best, but also the most aesthetic! You’ll find this season in its window-glasses the it-donut ‘Praliné’ (filled with caramel and covered by chocolate and caramelized nuts), the middle-eastern ‘Pistachio Halva’, the American ‘Banana-Coffee-Toffee’, the French ‘Saint-Honoré’ or the Italian ‘Mascarpone Berries’ among others… We are already drooling over!

Piece of cake

This small bakery chain earns points when it’s about Hanukah. Yep, if most of its donuts are made from milk and butter, everybody can savor them because it also makes special ones for vegans. Among the different tastes: jam, vanilla cream, dulce de leche, chocolate – sold individually or in a box of four, perfect to share them with friends!

Backdoor (by Sunny)

This small bakery, located right behind the restaurant Nithan Thaï, makes pastries with a twist: Yuzumarshmallows, ginger cheesecake are part of the popular sweets made with Asian spices. For Hanukah, its chef, Sunny Deri keeps the idea in his delicious sufganiyots: caramel-miso, Vietnamese chocolate-coffee or strawberry jam-lime… We want them now!

Address: Ha’arbaa 21


Known for its really good bread and its delicious cakes, the chain Lehamim (bakery and coffee place) also offers sufganiyots during Hanukah. Unlike others, it prefers simplicity than originality and proposes savory soft donuts filled with jam, caramel or Belgian chocolate… Bring us them all!

Boutique Central

For those who are watching their diet, we recommend the donuts of Boutique Central that are not fried, but only baked in the oven. Enjoy the ones filled with cream or Nutella… Yummy!

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