5 hot drinks to beat the Winter blues in Tel Aviv

Temperatures getting closer to 10 degrees, wind shaking trees, days getting shortened: winter is definitely in Tel Aviv! And even if this season is much more supportable in Israel than in Siberia, one’s has to readapt and switch on his winter mode. Luckily, Israeli people seem to like this time and to delight in getting their coats, hats and scarves out again just to make a change happen. Business owners are getting used to the season by displaying comfy slippers in their windows-glass, by providing bars clients with cozy blankets at terraces and by concocting hot drinks making us love wintertime.

Do you shiver? We have stuff for you: here are our 5 favorite drinks to beat winter in Tel Aviv!    

Sachlav (or Salep, Sahlab, Saloop)

This is the ultimate middle-eastern drink! Dating back from the roman times, Sachlav has become popular during the Ottoman Empire. Based on Orchid bulb, this thick milky drink, flavored with orange-blossom water, cinnamon and vanilla, can be declined in different versions. Shredded coconut, cookie crumbs, or chopped pistachios can be added on top for even more flavor!

The best place to savor Sachlav is HaMalabia (Address: Allenby 60). Indeed, it’s possible to spread Nutella or Dulce de Leche on the sides of the paper cup before filling it with Sachlav, and then add a few toppings!

Hot Chocolate…with marshmallows!

We all feel like drinking hot chocolate as soon as winter rears its head. Next time, give it a go at Liselotte(Address: Reines 20) that offers the possibility to add marshmallows. It’s meltingly soft, creamy…and kids love it!

Chai Tea (Latte)

With or without milk, Cha Tea is a delicious drink, perfect for winter! Originally from India, it’s made from black tea mixed with a few spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, black peppercorn, ginger, and cloves. Milk makes the drink softer and comforting! Savor it at Café Bezalel (Address: Tchernikovsky 4) with one of the delicious cakes from the tea salon.

Herbal Tea

Very popular in Tel Aviv, infusions warm and relax. Lemongrass, chamomile, sage, mint and verbena are part of the most favorite ones here and go well with ginger, lemon and/or honey. Each place creates its own mix, but you can also ask for your preferences. All the neighborhood coffee places offer herbal teas.  

Vanilla drink with almond milk, date and cinnamon

This hot drink that tastes and sounds like paradise is prepared at Anastacia (Address: Frishman 54), a vegan coffee place that does not lack of originality!

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